Whenever your web pages start to rank highly in the Google search, you will always see an increased revenue because of the increased clicks that you get from the users that visit your site. This will only happen whenever you will meet the needs and understand your audience. Today, most websites that fare the best in SEO are those that have been optimised for both user experience and mobile. Below is a list of the Top 7 SEO techniques that will ensure that your website ranks among the top on search listings.


1.Mobile search optimisation.
In recent studies, results show that over 80% of adults have smartphones and the average time they spend on their phones is approximately 1.85 hours in a single day. According to Google over 50 percent of web traffic comes from mobile. This means that whenever people visit your site via mobile, the content and searchability needs to be as equal as that of your desktop site.

2.User experience optimisation.
If your website can rank to the top of search listings will still be of no use if it does not give its users that kind of experience that they want. Bad user interface also makes people that visit your site leave it as soon as they opened it because maybe they got confused or did not understand what your website is about. The better the user interface, the more you will get interested visitors.

3.Quality content.
Over the years, web content has always been the king. Original, well written and relevant content is a crucial part of your business and website. Your web pages should at all times be geared towards giving individual visitors individual topics, not individual keywords. When you select the best keywords, keep track of the keywords, you have very high chances of driving traffic to your website. When you ensure that your content is useful, you have high chances of giving your users what they want from your site.

4.Website regular auditing.
Whenever your audit your website. You will always discover one or two reasons why you are not getting that traffic. Website editing is the hacking technique that will assist you to retain and attract more customers.

5.Social media optimisation.

Whenever you maintain and grow your social media presence, you will envelope the main page nicely in your ranks. From an SEO perspective, whenever you have a dynamic and robust presence online, the likes, and the shares or even retweets will always drive traffic to your website. Recent studies have shown a significant correlation between ranking and social signals, this is because websites that rank high in most result pages have a better chance of being retweeted, shared or getting likes.

6.Latent semantic indexing.
With Google frequently changing its search engines optimisation algorithms, you will also have to adapt to thrive in search engine results. LSI is a retrieval and indexing technique that uses some mathematical formulae to recognise particular patterns in a given paragraph of text. This means that the search engines usually crawl your web content to collate and identify related words as additional page keywords.

7.Competitor’s Keywords.

Whenever you research on your competitors, you avoid reinventing the wheel since they have already done the hard work of ranking themselves on Google’s top pages. If you spy on the exact keywords they are using, you can create better content using the same keywords